Use your strengths to make our organization stronger.

Whatever your strengths, desire, or level of commitment, we can always use your help. No matter what area you can help in, we guarantee that you will have a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment in helping an animal in need.

How can you help?


Pet ResQ, Inc. is always looking for good foster homes. We do not have a shelter for our dogs so the only way we can save lives is by having volunteers who are willing to bring a dog into their home and foster them. Fostering is not as “gut-wrenching” as you might think. It’s actually very fulfilling knowing that not only did you save this dog’s life, but by helping them learn about what a loving home is like you make it easier to adopt them into a family, then you make room for a new dog that we can save. You will also get a great feeling knowing that you saved a dog from certain death.

All you need to do is provide, love, we will provide the food and medical care as needed. We have a wonderful network of established foster families. They are constantly telling us what a wonderful experience it is to foster and what a wonderful feeling it is to be able to help the dogs find their forever homes. We would love you to join our team and give a wonderful dog a new chance at life.

The more fosters we have, the more dogs we can save. If you would like to participate in our foster program, we would like you to fill out an application. We will then call you for an interview and we may also do a home visit. We ask that all fosters provide love and care, be able to take the dog for vet visits to update vaccines, spay, neuter, etc. at one of our approved veterinarians.

We also ask that you make the dog available for our adoption events and even make appointments with potential adopters for a meet and greet. Once we approve you as a foster you will be contacted periodically and asked to foster a dog. It’s your choice and your decision. You may have the dog for a few days or you could have them for a few weeks. You can take a break between dogs or take one right after the other. Our dogs are given up for a multitude of reasons. A lot of our dogs come from shelters that would otherwise euthanize them. Without foster homes, we hate to think of what would happen with some of these wonderful animals. You can help us help them! We will bring you the dogs, you will give them the love they deserve.

Help with transports: When the transports come in we need volunteers to meet them, pick up the dogs and usually bring them to the groomers, but sometimes we would need you to bring them straight to the fosters if they are not available to meet the transport.

Assist in fundraising: Saving dogs costS money. We have to pay medical bills, transports, food, etc. In order to do this, we need to raise money. Fundraising is one way to do that. We can always use new ideas and people to head up “committees” to get the job done.

Help with phone calls: When we get applications we need people to help with making phone calls to the applicant, references, and vet references. We have an established format that we will give you to help you start. This is a job you can do in your spare time. The more people we have doing reference checks, the more dogs we can get adopted, the more dogs we can save.

Join us at special events: When we have special events, such as Adoption Days, street fairs, etc. we need volunteers to help man our booth and sell our items or just greet people and tell them about our rescue. Sometimes people can’t foster but they want to help out with the dogs. There are times when the fosters can’t make an event but they can send the dog and we need someone to pick him/her up and bring them to the event, then bring them home.