PetResQ & Robyn Urman showcase their dogs in Bergenfield’s St Patty’s Day Parade!!

Unlike other rescue groups who adopt out dogs through their websites or at local pet shops, PetResQ located in Tenafly NJ founded by Robyn Urman put a unique spin on showcasing their dogs this weekend! She decided to March in this year's parade with her very dedicated volunteers holding & showcasing some of her adoptable puppies..!!! This not only gives people a chance to see some of PetResQ line up but also gives the puppies a chance to experience A beautiful day! Just last week one of Urman's dogs played the role of Toto in the wizard of oz performed at a local school. This same dog was overlooked several times for adoption due to being shy, after some hard work and training from her foster family and her spotlight debut she has come out of her shell and has a line of people waiting to make her a member of their family!

It takes a lot more than feeding, grooming & housing to make a rescue stand out!

Robyn Urman spends every waking moment being the voice for these animals not an easy job however she wouldn't change it for the world If anyone is interested in adopting a dog from PetResQ check out their website

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