We are a small group of volunteers who take in small shelter dogs that are in danger of being euthanized as well as dogs from owners who can no longer keep them. We do NOT have a shelter. All of our dogs are in foster homes. Our goal is to place our homeless rescues in permanent loving homes as they have already been abandoned once before by their former owners. We strive to place the appropriate dog in the appropriate home. This application helps us to learn more about you, your home, and your level of experience (if any) owning a dog. Make sure you give your phone number and what hours you are available. Please give us 3-5 days to return your email or phone call. Please be aware of the fact that our dogs are being fostered by regular people with big hearts, regular jobs, and hectic lives like everyone else. We ask that you be considerate and patient when you are waiting for your return call or email.


Before completing this non-binding application, please note that we require a NON-REFUNDABLE adoption fee AT THE TIME OF ADOPTION. Our adoption fee covers the cost of rescuing dogs from high kill shelters, including transportation, veterinary costs, feeding, supplies, etc. which are required to take care of our rescued animals. If the dog is under 6 months of age, or medically unsound to be spayed/neutered before adoption, the adopter would sign a contract agreeing to have the animal altered and receive a rabies vaccination by a specified date (30 days from when the animal is estimated to be six months old). The cost of the procedure and the vaccinations is completely up to the adopter. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Please realize that dogs need vet care throughout their lives, including yearly boosters, heartworm, and flea/tick prevention meds, etc. Please consider all associated costs prior to completing an application for adoption. Please note, we cannot accept applications from individuals under 21 years of age. Also please note, completion of this application does not guarantee an adoption.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.